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Taking the Shot

Taking accountability in other words… A very strong statement to come by but not many clearly understands and practice very often. Pointing fingers and passing the blame is what most people do. Me? I would rather try, do something, fail and get laughed at than do nothing and be loved by it. Not that I claim to be the perfect example of taking accountability, but I am confident to say that I do take my share in both taking the shot and pointing fingers like everyone else.


“John, I need to speak to you.” my manager called out to me briefly while speaking to another colleague.

At the back of my head I went Oh my God?! what have I done wrong this time?

There is something about a manager calling to speak to you for something that’s really scary to come by. One, you could get reprimanded for doing something wrong or two, there is more work for you to do. I personally prefer the later part but either of the two scares the crap out of me.

It is normal though. Getting more tasks place you out of your comfort zone and into the flames. Being in the flames is where fear creeps in due to unfamiliarity and uncertainty of what is to happen next. With uncertainty in the toll, you have not a clue of what to do and you may commit mistakes for it. Those mistakes are what most people lash you with unforgiving reverie.


Left in the dark. That’s what it is!

I acknowledged her request with utmost respect and stood by her side until she was done speaking with the colleague.

“Follow me into my office.”

Oh God! I’m really gonna get it this time… I earnestly thought and whispered underneath my breath.

We walked a short distance toward her office. Oh boy does it feel like miles and miles of hike towards the asylum. Even imagined it to be a meat grinding facility.

The operations floor was fully air-conditioned but my lower back was beginning to sweat. My heart pounded like the double peddling of a heavy metal drummer. Time slowed and I saw one person with his eyes affixed on me. Felt like invisible daggers were there to stab me.

Demon! Yes that person was! Well, that’s how I saw it during that brief moment in the chronosphere I was in. Felt a bit of insult and disgust but I gotta suck it in.


If I fall today… I shall fall with my honour and dignity intact. I held my head up high facing uncertainty with utmost content, accepting my fate… whatever it may be…

“Hi John, Take a seat…” My boss uttered with a smile on her face. I have not a clue what that meant but I knew there was something underneath that smile. Something sinister. Heaven save me!

“How is the training?” she asked. Now during this time I went through an 8 week or two month up-skill training course for our current process skill-set. It was an amazing training course but a whole butt-load of information to digest and apply in a short period of time.

“I find it great Ma’am. Though I must admit, I have my lapses during my time in the training room.” I coyly replied.

“Can you tell me more about these lapses?” she replied with a curious tone.

“Well, I do admit I often can’t help dozing off in the training room.” I took in a deep breath and released a big sigh.

“You do know John that you and (insert name here) are both in the executive/leadership team now. Everybody is expecting much from you guys and have high regards on what you do and how you perform.”

She paused to look at me straight in the eyes. It felt cold and chilling. Somebody turn that air-conditioner off.


My boss stood up. I leaned back. Fear gripped me by the throat. I thought she was gonna choke me or something. She then went near the air-conditioning control panel and adjusted the temperature.

“Gosh isn’t it cold in here?” she muttered.

I couldn’t say a word. I was frozen solid. Is she reading minds now? Is she psychic? OMG! I went on a paranoia craze.

“I know you John, and I love to think I know you. You are very intelligent and are always willing to go out of your way to assist others. But you need to understand that there are situations where you just can’t assist any further due to the restriction of the authority you have over the matter. Upon looking at the results of your evaluations, are you aware that you have a 50% pass rate based on the evaluations done on your calls?”

Oh God… this is it… she’s dropping the bomb.

She looked at me disappointed. I felt it. It wasn’t rocket science to figure that out.

“It reminded me as to how it was when you got promoted. You were reprimanded often but learned quickly and now became one of the best players in the team. You explained to me that that is how you learn, to commit those mistakes and to learn from them quick. The thing is, sometimes we can’t afford those mistakes.”

I beg to disagree… I wanted to say it… but I know I shouldn’t argue or it’ll make things worse. Kiss ass man! Kiss ass! I told myself but carried on with my chain of thought while she spoke.


Mistakes are essential for learning and growth. It should be part of management’s action plan to forecast tolerable risk and faults for every new trainees on the phones especially with a new skill-set. You can’t expect everybody to apply everything all at once thus the importance of risk and fault tolerance forecasting. After-all, the fails I had were considerably minor compared to others out there. Why am I the only one getting pounded on the meat grinder?

It felt like words were being placed into her mouth by someone even more diabolic. That person I believe was the asshole behind the curb…

“There was this call you had when you gave advise to the customer… you were marked down on that. Can you explain that please…” I picked up on my boss saying that line then followed with an immediate reply.

“Ma’am, I can explain that. I know the process well and I know myself better. I was taking a call when (insert diabolic manager’s name here) and (insert colleague’s name here) were sitting right beside me. I had to place the customer on hold to get the information I need by checking on the account when suddenly both of them gave me conflicting information that got me confused. Regardless of the fact that I know the process, conflicting information may create doubts and confusion that may cause that result wherein it did.”

I remembered that manager say, “if you know the process then you wouldn’t get confused.” Couldn’t help but say at the back of my head “If it were that easy, I would love to see you take my place and I be that back-seat driver you are in right now… would love to see how stupid you’d look with that!”

Definitely felt like I wanted to strangle that guy to death!


My manager gave out a sigh but said, “I know your capabilities John, and I don’t doubt your potential one bit.”

She continued by explaining to me how it is to be done the next time around.

I listened intently even if I already knew what to do, just to show respect of course.

“Ma’am, I’ll do what I can to make sure that doesn’t happen again. But I sincerely appreciate the feedback and will take it to heart.” I humbly acknowledged.

“I believe you John… You never commit the same mistake twice.” She replied with a smile and adjourned the session.

I swear it felt like crap but I’ll take it in… My manager was right after all. As for that diabolic manager… I’ll show that bastard that I’m better than what he’ll ever be.


I left that room heavy with thought. At the rate I’m going, I gotta get this real-estate business built quick! Before I even do something stupid.

Upon leaving the operation floor, I was greeted by these two lovely ladies (colleagues of mine) who were kind enough to lend an ear. Then I told them the whole story over dinner just to let lose some steam…

sasha threesome 19feb13


Just a Little Secret

We all have that little secret we keep. A chain of clandestine thoughts, memories, information we don’t easily divulge to anyone else. There are some exceptions though. Often-times we share them to exclusive people we know well to trust; perhaps close friends and even family. The point is every secret has to surface somewhere, somehow. Everybody needs an outlet. A medium to express it to or through. Want to know a little secret? Make sure you can keep one first!




It is now my second year after pursuing the entrepreneurial life I so desire to live by. Oh how time truly pass so fast. Tell you, those years were all blood, sweat and tears for me. I was completely under the illusion that taking the path of entrepreneurship would be a walk in the park. I have never been so wrong.

The struggles. The pain. The people I lost. People I thought I could count on now gone and I am left all alone again in my own lonely world. The rejection. The sacrifice. The bitter-sweet life I got disillusioned by my fantasies of the great life brought by walking down the entrepreneur’s path.

Ah… the act of self-pity… is simply fallacy…

I am personally amazed at how I no longer drown myself with my own self-pity thoughts. Amazed at my own personal growth.

If there’s one thing I have learned about being an entrepreneur is that we have no room for self-pity and down-trodden miserable self-doubt. It is either that you’re in or you’re out, take it or leave it, no pain no gain drivel.

Every action bears an equal amount of reaction. Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of physics. For every closed door there is a better opened opportunity out there. All you need to do is to simply grab it!

That means, amidst the struggles, rejections and pain… being an entrepreneur has its perks… and I mean A LOT!


We cheer up when we FAIL… coz we’re only taking our “First Attempt In Learning…


When everything seems to END… always remember “Effort Never Dies!”


When someone says NO… bear in mind that they’re only opening “New Opportunities” for us…


And when someone or something STOPs us… take a “Short Time Of Prayer” to “Stay Tough Over Problems” and to “Sit Think Observe & Plan” for a better “Solution, Tactic, Or Process”

That’s why we entreps are badass! Coz we were born to lead! except that… “Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men–the other 999 follow women.” Groucho Marx


PS – I’ve got more coming your way so stay tune! Chow!

Better Than 50 Shades of Grey

There she was, at the corner of my eyes as I entered that dark room. The seductress. What is it? Love? Lust? Desire? The burning passion that rushed through my veins. My heart was beating; fast. Craving for her seduction, her beauty, her touch.

The epitome of sin.


“Sarah G Gibson”

She was right there in front of me, sitting under a beam of light. Her sleek, smooth curves, wrapped with tight leather. Etching every sweet spot of her body. Hmm… aroused me. The devil’s beauty as some call it. Would you even care? When a beautiful thing like that is right in front of you?


She was calling for me. She wanted me…

I approached her. Caressed her from her neck down to her lower parts. She made no reaction. Lifeless. Never deterred me from trying harder.

I sat behind, slowly started unzipping her. Exposing the neck, I couldn’t help but start kissing her there. She started to feel that sensation, I can tell through those vibrations. Turned around to face me. Each time we touched felt euphoric.


Submissive. My kind of girl. I carried on unzipping her, leaving her close to naked.  I tapped into her G-string, slowly sliding my finger down to the right spot. It aroused her. The more I did the more she makes that sort of sound that makes you crave for more.

I turned her on. She reciprocated. She strapped her arms around me. I played with her then. Toyed with her. My fingers were dancing across her G-spot. Then I played the lick on her. She craves for it most when I do a licking. She couldn’t help but make those aroused sounds that she usually does. She was enjoying it, I could tell. So did I.

It was time I shifted our ritual into overdrive. I made her bend over. Then I plugged it in her. The sensation was getting warmer. Love? Hell yeah! I twisted those little nobs of hers to get the right feel, arousing her more. She loved it!


I rocked her through and fro, keeping a certain rhythm. I loved doing it standing behind her. It helps me keep the rhythm going. The excitement, the burning sensation. I pushed my stick deeper. She made this wailing sound of sweet satisfaction. I knew I hit the right spot.


She wanted more! I had to give in. Stroking her the right way kept her excited. Alive. The beauty that she is. Her moaning was music to my ears. I shifted positions with her. We did it all over the room. Sitting. Standing. On the bed. It was heaven. A ka-metal-sutra.

I was sweating so much but I couldn’t stop. The euphoric feeling you get out of it was addictive. The connection we had was deep. We carried on until everything intensified. I gave it my all. My emotions. My desires. It went on and on and on until…

I gave in…

It was over…


I was panting, sweaty… exhausted… I lay on the bed with sweat dripping all over me. She lay right beside me. I closed my eyes and everything went dark.



I woke the following day, saw her right beside me. I looked at the label across her head quoting “Gibson SG.” 

I picked her up, unplugged the cables, turned the amp off, detuned her and placed her back into her case.

music gibson instruments guitars gibson sg 1280x1024 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_39

Games Every Entrepreneur Should Be Playing

“All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy” has always been part of my daily mantra ever since. My passion to stay engaged in doing things and keeping myself busy overwhelms my sense of balance and personal discipline. This mantra however, impacts me at a whole personal level. I mean… I am also called Johnny by my colleagues… duh? hehe Just kidding!

Anyhow, most people actually think that learning to be an entrepreneur requires a whole lot of rigid training and studying. I personally think otherwise. It all boils down to what we engage ourselves into and believe me, the games we play indeed help mold the minds of great entrepreneurs as well.

I will be recommending my top picks of games that helped mold me to what I am today. This of course is accompanied with some rationale on how it did affect my way of thinking, decision making and attitude towards life.



Although the Total War series of games will definitely fit perfectly, Rome Total War was the game that developed my strategic thinking, micro to macro scale governance, technology and economy management the most. First, this game involves faction management at a macro scale, where you could conquer cities, manage diplomacy and impose upscale strategies in a global perspective in-game. Then there is this battlefield perspective where you impose quick decision making on how to outwit and outmaneuver the opposing faction on the battle field.

Each time I play this game, I tend to apply my personal “economy-first” idea where you build your wealth before getting all aggressive. It would be fine, however, I tend to be more defensive around my comfort zone than making a move. This game taught me otherwise due to the fact that staying “economy-first” involves a certain ounce of aggressiveness while keeping on the defensive stance of calculating risks. This means that in order to expand economically, it is important to play as the aggressor to grab strategic economic zones or industries if we’re looking at it in a business perspective.

There is no better game to apply Sun Tzu’s Art of War principles other than this game; or this franchise rather. Knowing that the Art of War principles do apply in business warfare as well, it is fairly important to master these principles through this great game while having fun.

2. World of Warcraft (WOW)

world-of-warcraft-wallpaperAh! The famous World of Warcraft! Although I haven’t played the retail version of this game (the cheap-ass that I am), I have played this game on private servers. Well… Where do I start? Amidst the beautiful scenic views of the game. The nostalgic sense of surrealism and fantasy that engulfs your inner soul. The off-world experience that engages players. What could I say? It is a beautiful game!

Imagine being inside the movie avatar while fighting demons, monsters and different players. Yeah! That’s what it is!
Okay, so enough of me endorsing the game (Blizzard should pay me for this!). Let’s get back to business!

Playing this game developed my attitude of “studying the system” and using leverage to gain an advantage. What I did here was I learned how to gain wealth the easy way, how to manipulate the market and how to manage people. Believe me or not I also developed my leadership skills through this game (being assistant guild master and all). I realized how hardworking I was when I never missed a raid, a PVP(player-versus-player) schedule, a battlefield instance, omg! that was how addicted I was! As a matter in fact, I did organize dungeon raids and faction offensives (raiding Alliance cities and killing those poor bastards). Despite developing my leadership and organizational skills here, leadership is nothing if you don’t have a clear directive. In game, your directives are determined when you know the system fairly well to the point where you can use it to your advantage. I am specifically referring to the Market System in the game. Whenever you go on dungeon raids or even PVP warzones, you gain certain credit rewards. These credits can be used to buy certain items which you can craft with and sell for a better price. Now the market manipulation here happens during the selling part.


In WOW, they have what we call an “Auction-house.” This is a place where people trade items. Now the problem with this is the fact that a lot of other players could be selling exactly the same item you may be selling. What this situation develops is the idea of winning a valuable amount of market-share through a price-war. So when selling an item, you can sell it quicker at a lesser price than your competitors. When competitors see you selling at a lower price, they cut their prices to stay competitive. This is what you call “Market Manipulation.” You are in control of the market. A great place to understand the concept of supply and demand.

Okay John! This is sooo marketing related? Where else can you apply this to? You fellas need not look far! This is so applicable in the stock market or even in forex trading. Understanding the stock market was a fair breeze for me after playing this game.

Note: Any other Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games may fit the job description but WOW definitely made the impact on me.

3. Starcraft


*grins* I’ll be very biased on this coz I grew up with Starcraft. For almost 20 years have I been playing this game and to be honest, this is where I learned to cheat my way out of tight situations. Hahaha

That was then, ah those glorious Starcraft 1 days! Now that we have Starcraft 2 out, I apply my “cheating” methods on a different limelight now. So instead of typing cheats like “show me the money(instant wealth)” or “power overwhelming(god mode),” I learned to be cunning and devious when approaching situations.

I learned how to keep the odds always on my favor. Take for example in the corporate ladder. The best person to please the most is your boss to keep things in your favor in the office. In school, the person you have to please the most would be your teacher coz they hold you by the neck through your grades. In business, the person you’ll have to please the most are your customers coz the bring you the money and the market. Most people call this “cheating” or “ass-kissing,” but I defer on that claim.

Sun Tzu once said, “The best victory is won by not even having to get into conflict.” So that’s that!

This game also amplifies my development in micro-scale management, strategic flexibility and quick-wit approach on situations. During multiplayer games, one strategy never applies for all scenarios. You are responsible for poising yourself to gain an advantage against the opponent’s unit chemistry. Building the right unit chemistry for your army is crucial to winning the game. In application, building a team with the right set of people who’s got skillsets needed to get the job done is important to win in business.

Note that any strategy game again fits the job description.

4. Call of Duty Modern Warfare & Ghosts


Guns blazing, huge explosions, the jam-pack action you get! I’ve always been a sucker for it! hahaha

Actually any first person shooter (FPS) game would be recommended. It’s just that I am a Call of Duty (COD) fanboy so… haters gonna hate! 😛

What would this game be doing here you ask? Well simple! Fast-paced action is the answer! What most first person shooter games do to a person is increase their reaction time to dire situations. In these games, you are often expected to act without even thinking first which all boils down to muscle memory. Reality could bite you in the ass knowing that life moves so fast and we need to cope with changing events. Moving into action quick may mean the difference between success and failure, victory and defeat. In management, there will be times when you are asked to decide on the spot without having time to think things through. The best thing to do is to practice and understand the value of quick thinking and reaction and there’s no better way to do it than playing FPS games (and sports tehe -.-).


What gets COD standing out on my list is the awesome memory and feel I had when playing the game. Both the story and the experience were great for me. Plus I’m a gun enthusiast! So what the hell? hahaha

5. Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)


The infamous DOTA. There are a lot of variations of this game but this one… oho… this one’s stained some memories on me.

This game requires a lot of team effort to win and that’s what gives it away. The teamwork attitude you get when playing the game. I had a boss once who requires us to play DOTA with him after working hours. He did tell us that DOTA is a great game for team building. We get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we learn how to cover each others’ asses (that doesn’t sound right… oh well).

In life, we can’t do everything ourselves. We will always need people to back us up and compliment our weakness to ensure success and victory. A solid, effective fighting (competitive) force or team no matter how small can make a huge impact on a disorganized company or army. Team effectiveness is key to achieving organizational goals and requirements especially in business!

I’m not much of a fan of DOTA though so I don’t play it often (typically introvert me). I only played it to develop that teamwork attitude I need.

6. Assassin’s Creed Franchise


Sir Winston Churchill once said “History is written by the victors,” and I couldn’t agree moreHistory is written by the success of those who came before thus it takes an important toll for entrepreneurs to know their predecessors.

Formalities aside… I just really love history and parkour… so deal with it! hahaha

History is written by successful organizations or people who made a dent, even pioneering outcomes in their lifetime. Understanding how they think and lived help entrepreneurs gain their bearings when the going gets tough.

As for me? That’s the very essence why I love history and current events. There are people who I look up to and aspire to be like giving me a sense of direction in life. In assassin’s creed, you get to see history at a slightly fictional universe but with a lot of truth in it. You get to meet great people of those eras such as Napoleon, Mr Washington, Leonardo da Vinci, Machiavelli, The Borgias, etc.

Now what’s their importance in business? They were significant in their time for a reason. Even West Point military courses require students to study history a lot and for a very good reason. A general/leader who doesn’t study history is bound to repeat exactly the same mistake again. Thus the saying “History repeats itself.” That’s why it’s important to learn from the past to improve for the future. So instead of taking history classes, why don’t you play it? hahaha

Despite that, the game is a time capsule that allows you to experience the beautiful scenes and lifestyle of people during those eras. Great game!

7. Cash Flow Series


Now finally, the game that brought it all together. Cashflow! Now I won’t lie. I hate the graphics and the annoying rat and turtle speaking on the background. But I tell you guys, no matter how much I hate playing this game, I keep insisting myself to play it until I loved it.

Why? Take a look at the picture above… There is no other game out there that screams out loud saying “This is how stock market and real estate investing or financial management is like” like this game! You learn the value of being an investor, the importance of accounting and the techniques of gaining passive income for financial freedom. These games got me into investing and entrepreneurship. In reality, this game changed the way I see life and gave me a direction to pursue. As I currently breathe. As I currently speak. As I currently live my life. I live it as if I am playing this game with one goal in mind; Financial Freedom. It is the idea where you wouldn’t have to work for money anymore and that money works for you.

That is what truly defines the wealthy from the middle class and the poor.

And surely who wouldn’t want to be wealthy? That’s the reason why we stepped into entrepreneurship in the first place right?

My rationale for having financial freedom as a goal is simple. Currently as we speak, I’m stuck with work and business. I don’t have much time for family, church and even myself. I definitely want that to change. Perhaps a few years later, I may not need to work anymore to focus on things that matters more in life than just work. Things like God, Family, Friends, whoever that lady is in the future and even myself.

Anyhow, I guess that’s that! 

So the next time somebody tells you you won’t learn anything just by playing games, get up, sweep some dust off your shoulders and walk away like a boss coz that person absolutely doesn’t have a clue on what they’re missing out on.

Just don’t abuse gaming alright? hahaha See yah!

Valkyrie – War Maidens Teaseract

It’s been 10 long years since the Dragonborn disappeared in the ashes of Helgen after a vicious attack from the Dragon Alduin. Bound for execution, she was believed to have died scorched by the inferno that raised the helpless town to the ground. Little be known that the flames could only do so little to kill her fiery spirit. As Dovakin, she rose from the ashes and with her, a new order, The Valkyries of Tamriel. 

EP 1 - War Maidens CoverOkay, so I must embarrassingly admit that it took me a year before I could post something up this Blogspace. *sigh* Been caught up with a lot of things lately. From working two jobs day and night, to working on my own personal business, not to mention playing the stock market… You could literally say I’ve been killing myself for the whole year. hahaha

Anyhow God’s been really great to me by far. Fixed some personal troubles from family, to finances, to broken relationships. He’s given me a second chance at life and it’s never been better!  I realized that it was my responsibility to mend the troubles going on around me. I was the missing key and the only reason these troubles were going on was because I turned my back on them. I usually run away from anything that bothers me. Yet through my experiences at work and business and avid gaming and bible reading, I realized you NEVER turn your back on your troubles. As matter in fact! You face them!

It sucks to realize that a little bit later in life but hey! It’s never too late! And with that… I can surely smell success close by… no kidding man! hahaha

As for love life? uhh… hmmm.. eeehhh… fine! It’s an embarrassing zero! Nil! Nada! Pffft! Naaah! Just kidding! I didn’t jump into one yet because I knew I’d be investing most of my time career-wise. It wouldn’t be fair for the lady if I wouldn’t make time for her whoever she is. I just believe she deserves to be treated right with the affection and care a woman normally needs.

Although I won’t deny I have my eyes bewitched by one gal and one gal only. Celia. Yeap, you heard me right. That time I decided to ask her out was the time I decided to shut my doors from anyone else and as the One-Woman guy that I am… here I am… Transfixed on a wishful dream. hahaha

Seriously man, I personally wanna build myself up to be the right man whether it be for her or whoever God has in store for me. I just want her to have the best of my y’know (shocks! so cheesy! hahaha). Yet since I am so entranced by her, that lead me into making one of this fictional stories that… as I said earlier, “a dream that only I know.” hahahaha poor me… hahaha

So now you know the story of what lead me into writing this fan-made non-canon story. I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim during my free time so this idea came in. This one would be dedicated to her though (amazing what inspiration could do to you… ahhhhh <3_<3).

The story revolves around this girl named “Celina.” She is known to be the dragonborn or the dovakiin or in simpler terms, dragon whisperer. Experience adventure with her as she travels the province of Skyrim where she’d meet several other interesting characters who’d eventually form the Valkyrie Order. I won’t spoil you guys on her back story though. I’ll leave that for the comic strips to tell.

As for now… lemme just post some photos to tease you guys. :))

Comic TestThe story would be told in semi-comic strip style so expect lots of images on the “e-book.” (called it e-book because I couldn’t publish it as a real book… besides, this is all just for fun, non-profit stuff.)
Test 2

Test 1 Test Image









So that’s about it I could show you guys for now. hehe Now wait till the whole comic is done! *evil laugh* muhahahaha

Just kidding! I’ll be posting the whole comic here anyways so stay tune! 😉

PS – Credits for the cover photo goes to the respectful owner. Sorry I don’t know his/her name but if you find it in my blog and you know it’s yours! Credits goes to you mate! 🙂
All materials used belongs to Bethesda Studios as well. 🙂

EP 1 - War Maidens Cover


The Night Before

My mentors always tell me, “If you do things alone, you’re in a heap of trouble.” I’d say, I couldn’t agree more! You know, there’s power in numbers and there is no better way to reach your goals and dreams than through the people who made you who you are today and through those whom you will meet in the future…


“Jed!” my team leader cried out, “You were almost late, what happened?”

I was panting that time. I mean, who wouldn’t? Running from ground floor up to the 11th floor isn’t very pretty but I had to, else I’d get tardy.  The elevators in the building were so damn slow. Well, the building was ancient really. No wonder even the elevators were slow. But Hey! I made it!

After giving a moment to catch my breath, I managed to utter a few words while heavily breathing…

“Sorry Miss… I guess I slept in this morning…”




[The Night Before]

“It’s nice doing business with you Mister Aposcel.”

As we both stood and shook hands symbolizing the closing of the deal, I managed to utter,

“A pleasure doing business with you sir!”

I was keeping the documents on the table, arranging them inside my hand bag (No! Not the sissy sort of hand bag, it’s more like a business case) when my phone begun to ring.  Took it out of my pocket and saw it blinking.

~Clybes Calling~  ~Clybes Calling~  ~Clybes Calling~

I took the call…

A radio filtered voice then played through the phone speakers…

“Dude! Where the hell are you? The party’s starting!”

We had a client at that time who hired us to organize her birthday party. She wanted it to be luxurious and wealthy at a certain extent that we just had to find the best venue that caters all these demands. I’d give kudos to my business partner, Clybes for a job well done on keeping things in place that time.

“Alright man… I’ll catch up…”

I hung up and blitz my way out of the coffee shop.

[At the Party]


The music was loud, the beats were awesome and I most certainly could say that we both did a great job. We got one of the best DJ in town to keep the mood right. As I got in the venue, I saw Clybes talking to the manager of the place, signing up bills and all.

“Hey man! What did I miss?” I asked.

“Dude! The celebrant is late and the guests have been waiting for more than 30 minutes now.”

I pondered for a moment there and followed up with another question…

“What’s keeping her?”

“The van hasn’t arrived to pick her up yet…”

I noticed Clybes getting really cranky… The best thing I could do that moment was to keep calm. A little panic from my part would mean we’d both blow the party up when it hasn’t even started.

“I know what to do bro… We could send one of the celebrant’s relative to go and fetch her.”

Clybes gave out a deep sigh… “How I wish that were possible man but the thing is, she wants her entrance to look grand. She wants that van.”

I felt hopeless at that time. What else could we do but hope for the better. I roamed around instead and talked to the guests to keep them entertained.


A few moments later, Clybes made an announcement.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the Birthday Celebrant will be slightly delayed. We apologize for the delay. However, the food is now prepared and everyone is welcome to dig in.”

Everybody then stood and started to get food for themselves. It was an eat-all-you-can buffet so the variety of food was diverse. After all, it was a luxurious party.

People were busy talking and eating that time. Laughter could be mildly heard around a midst the loud party music playing in the background.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! The Birthday Celebrant has arrived!”


Everybody started to sing happy birthday… People were cheering, wine bottles were popped. Roses and flowers were handed to the birthday celebrant as she entered the venue.

To make the long story short, everything went well. The program went according to planned.

I was on my seat when Clybes approached me and gave me a tap on the shoulder…

“Dude, the DJ’s gone into a fight with the celebrant’s brother.” He said.

Damn… never a dull moment…

I accompanied Clybes to the pulpit to help him assess the situation. There I found the DJ’s apprentice manning the equipment. The DJ went out to give himself a breather before tensions between the celebrant’s brother grew. We didn’t want the party to go awry of course!

The celebrant was right across him requesting the playlist on her phone to be played. I sensed the DJ’s apprentice was getting agitated by the celebrant’s demands. We had to act quick or things would go so wrong in many ways.

Clybes approached the DJ’s apprentice in hopes to negotiate with the demands of the celebrant while I went on to talk to the celebrant.

My approach was pretty simple really. All I did was asked her what she wanted. It turned out that she wanted the guests to enjoy the music played. Her point was that the music in her playlist was what could stir the party up.

Unfortunately, the DJ didn’t have the right playlist prepared for the event. Uh oh!

I sensed Clybe’s frustration stirring up.

“Dude, I’ve got a solution…” I said with a smile. I had to keep things cool or things will blow remember?

“Let’s hear it man!” He replied in submission…

It’s as if the Holy Spirit dawned upon me to say the right thing that instance. It felt divine. That’s how I remembered that moment. Credit’s to my Maker for it!

“This place’s got some wifi…” I said, “Now all we need is a laptop to download the celebrant’s playlist and a USB to store it in. We could plug the USB into the turn tables to play the tracks.”


Clybes face brightened up, “Dward! You’re the man (Or was it “You’re a Genius?” not sure, tehe)! Go work on that right away while I keep the guests busy.”

First thing I did was search for a laptop. I talked to the DJ’s apprentice if I could borrow the laptop they’re using. I was turned down. It was a mac and he probably thought I didn’t know how to use one.

Determined, I approached a close friend of the celebrant to borrow his laptop. He was nice enough to lend it to me. There I downloaded the playlist and stored it in the USB drive.

I then plugged the USB drive into the turn table equipment on the pulpit. There was silence…

As soon as I configured the equipment to play the playlist according to the celebrant’s request, the music started playing. Like magic, the dance floor started to come alive. The guests started to stand up and dance to the tunes. Everybody was having fun that night. A haze of celebration painted the night when I saw the celebrant having fun herself along with her friends.

I couldn’t help but give the tune a little remix myself, and I did! Felt really great to make people happy that night. I gave the apprentice a few instructions on the configurations then got out of the pulpit to sit on one of the stools at the bar. I got hungry okay?


Clybes sat beside me, called in a few drinks and handed me one (soft drink, I don’t drink beer or hard drinks, wine will do though).

I twisted around, leaned back against the edge of the bar table and watched people having fun.

“That’s you right there man!” Clybes said, “Great job you did right there… Client’s happy, the guests are happy…”

I took a sip from my drink. Took a moment to get it down my throat.


“Nah… it’s what we do best bro… business is business…”

A couple of ladies came up to us and invited us to join them on the dance floor. I refused. Now I’m not much of dancer okay?

But Clybes talked me into it so yeah, why not? After all, it was worth celebrating after a job well done…

Not to mention I got paid as the proxy DJ for that night… COOL!


“Wow! you’ve got a lot on your hands bro!” my office-mate said. “Talk about hard working.”

“I know right?” I gave it a quick laugh, “But I prefer to call it teamwork. Couldn’t have done it without a partner…”

“And that’s what we do best in this team too Jed!” Kathy inserted, “That’s why we are awesome!”

Discussing business plans

Everybody burst out in laughter…


Night Lights

Have you tried looking down at the city during night? How does the city lights make you feel? Emotional? Sentimental? Serene? That belittling feeling you get from the scenic view. The realization of the simple beauties we’re so fortunate to experience. Alas! a humbling experience followed by an overwhelming sense of satisfaction; peace.



Now that I’ve got your attention through all those sentimental crap I just said earlier, lemme give you guys a piece of advice; NEVER SPIT INTO THE WIND! Trust me! I’ve tried it and it definitely sucks! I got to swallow my own spit doing it! *gulp* (hears people say eeeeewwwwww) whatever!

Anyways… so… hmm… anyhow… uhmm… mmmmm… damn! Where was I?! What was I gonna write about again? *scratches head*


Here comes those times again when you know you wanna write about something but totally forgot the topic. Do you guys wish we could use usbs to store our memories? Upload and download files into our heads? I’d want that! It’d be awesome! No forgetting… Instant Genius! Like Elysium! Awesome movie guys! You gotta watch it! 🙂

I mean think of the possibilities! Look… Imagine person A is soooo freakin retarded and dumb. But after uploading the whole internet into his head, he becomes the sexiest beast alive. And when I say beast I mean literally… a MONKEY!

 funny monkey smoking

Hahahahahahaha*cough cough*hahahahaha*cough*hahahaha*cough cough cough*

*poker face*


What?! Still expecting to read something intellectual from this huh? oh yeah? you want something smart? huh?

Here… I’ll say something smart!

here it goes… *clears throat*


Happy now? Okay… I guess that was a little random…

What I really wanted to talk about is nothing. You get it? Nothingness? I mean look at the people around you. Everybody’s busy with something. Working to earn a living. Studying to get good grades.

Those times you see couples in parks, so sweet so romantic. The moment you see someone win a sports competition. Everybody has their hands full.


Even we get ourselves busy with something. We’re always doing something and we’re never spared from this “busy” trend. However have you ever stopped to consider having nothing? You completely thought of nothing? No worries? No trouble?

A midst our busy society, it’s always best to take the time out and simply give ourselves a good break. It’s a good reward for those who toil. Doesn’t have to be expensive. Just take yourself into a nice quiet solemn place and enjoy the silence (I enjoy my quiet time in the toilet).

Some call it praying, others call it reflecting, others call it meditation. Well whatever it is called, we all need one!

Imagine how great you’d feel after a good rest? Imagine yourself at peace? aaaaahhhh… 🙂


There was a time in my own life when I experienced a place full of magic (World of Warcraft, Nah just kidding…). I had this favorite place where I usually hangout in especially when I’m alone. It’s a place overlooking the city.

It’s my sweet escape. My paradise. I loved going there at night. Especially when the lights are bright and the mood is right. I remember lying down on the smooth soft grass that night staring at the beautiful dark sky. I saw lights! Lights everywhere! Lights from the heavens! Lights from the city! Beautiful lights!


It felt good. Peaceful. Serene. That moment of silence you get to be alone. That time of solitary confinement when you cut yourself out of the world. Priceless! Imagine being in such a lovely place. It was euphoric beyond compare!

It’s during times like this that I couldn’t help but thank God for giving me a way out of all these troubles I got myself into. Not that I’m running away from them or anything. It’s just that I’m blessed with that perfect time of peace.

I heard running water… It was flowing somewhere… I have no idea… but the more I listened the more I drowned into oblivion. I lost myself in the surreal reality of this magical place.


As I opened my eyes, I saw the ceiling. I was back in my room. I got up and prepared myself for work…



Credits go to the rightful owners of the images used in this write-up. All images used are intended to portray the scenes described in the write-up and are for entertainment purposes only.

PS: I made my own mix for Ellie Goulding’s Lights… Hope you guys love it! 😀