Imagination's the limit…

Into the Order

Laser lights, heavy club beats and booze was all over the place as I entered the night club. The DJ was on the pulpit playing the tunes while people, obviously high on extacy, were dancing to the music. It was a night of sin, pleasure and lust. I swam into the sea of people, trying to find my way in yet it seems the current was way too much. Women played the game of seduction while men bit the bait. I wonder… A thought I can’t help to ponder… If I’d fall for the same temptations myself…


“Terrence!” a voice called out from a distance…
It was Stella and there she was, a fiery hot young brunette. Someone I know? Definitely… We’ve been good friends for quite some time. She’s sleeked and poised. Beautiful round eyes. Long wavy hair. Well.. You’ll get the picture.


“You don’t seem to be enjoying yourself.” she said flirtatiously.

I took a sip on my drink and replied, “Not quite, clubs aren’t my thing but the music’s really good though.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me along with her.

“C’mon Mr. Romeo-I’m-Too-Prim-For-This, let’s have some fun!”


I wasn’t much of a dancer but boy with good music, I’d bet you a dollar I could surely dance. Yet amidst the fun, dancing and pleasure, I sensed something was wrong. Stella saw the grimness painted on my face when suddenly…


A lady yelled out from a distance.

Everybody on the night club was startled.

“He’s Dead! He’s Dead!” she cried out sobbingly.


I knew the guy. He was a government official and like many, I knew he deserved his fate. Yet something was amiss. Why right then and there? Or better yet, why does he have to die?

I felt Stella gripping my hand tighter in fear. I believe she felt like we needed to get out of that place. I could say I agree but how could we? With so much people, it’d be a stampede. But if we don’t hurry, I’m sure one of us is somehow gonna end up dead.


T’was not long when a group of armed men came in and started shooting everybody.

Damn it?! Where the hell are we gonna go? What about Stella? I had to protect her somehow… We were caught in the middle and everybody around us was dying. I had to think! and FAST!


I grabbed Stella and dropped down unto the ground to pretend we were dead. We just had to wait till the shooting stopped and hope none of us gets hit.

I saw the look on her face. She was obviously scared. So was I but I had to hold it in and stay strong, at least enough to calm her down or they’ll know we’re still breathing. Body after body fell on top of us. It was getting heavier and heavier as each body fell on me but I could care less. I was much more worried if Stella could handle the weight.


Finally the shooting stopped. I breathed a breath of relief but it was still too close for comfort. I heard the armed men laughing and cheering arrogantly as they left the building. I had to wait, or I myself would get shot. A few moments later the club felt empty but we stayed down to make sure it was safe. Someone was still in the club, probably on the watch. The hint of realization came to me. They were pouring gasoline.

Shit! this is definitely bad! 

I could smell smoke from where I was and realized they lit the fire. The smoke alarms went on and water started pouring down on us. It was good and bad at the same time. Good coz it could cover our escape. Bad coz water could help spread the fire too.

Do I have much of a choice?


I slowly stood up. I had to or we’ll both roast. At least if it was the wrong thing to do, it’d be I to take the bullet, not her.

I found myself behind an armed man. He couldn’t hear me stand coz the water was pouring down on us. The sound was definitely covering up the noise. Damn luck I guess.

But he was armed. I had only a pocket knife for self defense. What the f*** could I do?

Adrenaline started kicking in. I felt my palms beginning to sweat. My head ached. It would be my first time to kill a man if I am to stab him with that knife. I had to. It was him, or me and Stella would have to die.

I grabbed him by the mouth and cut his throat. My heart was pounding but it felt euphoric. Relief. Peace.


I hurriedly dug Stella out of the pile of bodies that lay on top of her. She had fainted. It was good coz at least I don’t have to worry bout her screaming. Bad coz I had to carry her and that means it’ll slow me down. What to do?

I couldn’t leave her of course! I carried her out through the fire exit. Had my fingers crossed hoping not to meet any of those goons. I guess my luck’s ran out. They saw me. Us!


Being at the other end of a gun barrel isn’t a pretty place to be in if you’d ask me. I mean what would you do if you were in my place? Me? I ran… T’was really hard with Stella on my back but I ran with all my might. Didn’t even care to look back whether they were catching up or what. I reached the streets and thank heavens I found a taxi. It was occupied but I never cared. I pulled the passenger door open grabbed an amount of cash and gave it to the passenger.

“Take her somewhere safe!” I panted.

Puzzled, the lady in the passenger seat nodded and so I closed the door. I stood a while to watch the taxi cab speed away.


Well that was a big relief. But I wasn’t still out of danger. I looked back and saw those goons running after me. With their guns pointing at you, who wouldn’t? But this time I was faster. I runned straight into traffic hoping the passing cars would cover my escape. It did! I heard screeching breaks with a bump behind me. I knew one of those goons was runned over. Made me chuckle.


I hopped, climbed and ducked through obstacles that got in my way and I guess I was just too fast for them to follow. Or was I? Parkour!


At a blind curve, I was greeted by a base ball bat. It hit me by the left cheek and knocked the be-Jesus out of me. Down on the ground, I felt like my brain’s hit a brick wall. It hurt like hell man! C’mon!


I saw four of those goons on top of me. Is this the end? Is this how am I going to die? They started beating me up. I couldn’t stand. I was spitting blood.

One of them held me by the shirt and pulled me up against the wall. He shoved a gun under my chin. This is the end……

“Goodbye punk! Too bad we had to ruin your little party!” he uttered.


I couldn’t see him as blood dripped right across my eyes. I closed my eyes in acceptance, and let go of my struggling. My head told me all the logical reasons to give up and just accept my fate. But my heart was beating too fast. You could even dance to the rhythm of it. My adrenaline was high and I don’t know why but I grabbed the gun off my chin and shoved it inside his mouth.


Pulling the trigger and watching his brains blow out was a pleasure to see. I knew everything was happening so quickly but everything seemed slow to me. I saw the next man swinging the bat towards my face. I could see it. Everything was in slow motion. I twisted the dead man’s hand and shot three bullets across his chest. My third kill for the night.


The other two were startled but you know they weren’t letting me out alive either. One got a knife while the other got his pistol out.

Running was the best possible option, but someone’s gotta teach these assholes a lesson. I shot both of them. I saw them fall. Blood was rushing through my head. I felt hatred for these guys and started shooting one of them repeatedly. I couldn’t stop. Like I said, it felt euphoric.


I took up my hood and covered my head. I grabbed another gun from one of the dead and blitz my way back into the club. Stupid ain’t I? But I was willing to die that night. Send a couple of those bastards to hell with me.


I was a man on a mission. For justice. I came back into the club but they seemed to have left. Disappointment was drawn across my face with a little bit of relief.

I stood at a distance as I saw the night club rise up in flames. Sirens where audible from a distance. I felt the anger and rage build up inside me. Justice had to be done.


An aged man out of no where gave me a pat on the shoulder.

He grunted a bit and said, “You’ve got some skill boy, Would you want to join the brotherhood?




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