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Valkyrie – War Maidens Teaseract

It’s been 10 long years since the Dragonborn disappeared in the ashes of Helgen after a vicious attack from the Dragon Alduin. Bound for execution, she was believed to have died scorched by the inferno that raised the helpless town to the ground. Little be known that the flames could only do so little to kill her fiery spirit. As Dovakin, she rose from the ashes and with her, a new order, The Valkyries of Tamriel. 

EP 1 - War Maidens CoverOkay, so I must embarrassingly admit that it took me a year before I could post something up this Blogspace. *sigh* Been caught up with a lot of things lately. From working two jobs day and night, to working on my own personal business, not to mention playing the stock market… You could literally say I’ve been killing myself for the whole year. hahaha

Anyhow God’s been really great to me by far. Fixed some personal troubles from family, to finances, to broken relationships. He’s given me a second chance at life and it’s never been better!  I realized that it was my responsibility to mend the troubles going on around me. I was the missing key and the only reason these troubles were going on was because I turned my back on them. I usually run away from anything that bothers me. Yet through my experiences at work and business and avid gaming and bible reading, I realized you NEVER turn your back on your troubles. As matter in fact! You face them!

It sucks to realize that a little bit later in life but hey! It’s never too late! And with that… I can surely smell success close by… no kidding man! hahaha

As for love life? uhh… hmmm.. eeehhh… fine! It’s an embarrassing zero! Nil! Nada! Pffft! Naaah! Just kidding! I didn’t jump into one yet because I knew I’d be investing most of my time career-wise. It wouldn’t be fair for the lady if I wouldn’t make time for her whoever she is. I just believe she deserves to be treated right with the affection and care a woman normally needs.

Although I won’t deny I have my eyes bewitched by one gal and one gal only. Celia. Yeap, you heard me right. That time I decided to ask her out was the time I decided to shut my doors from anyone else and as the One-Woman guy that I am… here I am… Transfixed on a wishful dream. hahaha

Seriously man, I personally wanna build myself up to be the right man whether it be for her or whoever God has in store for me. I just want her to have the best of my y’know (shocks! so cheesy! hahaha). Yet since I am so entranced by her, that lead me into making one of this fictional stories that… as I said earlier, “a dream that only I know.” hahahaha poor me… hahaha

So now you know the story of what lead me into writing this fan-made non-canon story. I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim during my free time so this idea came in. This one would be dedicated to her though (amazing what inspiration could do to you… ahhhhh <3_<3).

The story revolves around this girl named “Celina.” She is known to be the dragonborn or the dovakiin or in simpler terms, dragon whisperer. Experience adventure with her as she travels the province of Skyrim where she’d meet several other interesting characters who’d eventually form the Valkyrie Order. I won’t spoil you guys on her back story though. I’ll leave that for the comic strips to tell.

As for now… lemme just post some photos to tease you guys. :))

Comic TestThe story would be told in semi-comic strip style so expect lots of images on the “e-book.” (called it e-book because I couldn’t publish it as a real book… besides, this is all just for fun, non-profit stuff.)
Test 2

Test 1 Test Image









So that’s about it I could show you guys for now. hehe Now wait till the whole comic is done! *evil laugh* muhahahaha

Just kidding! I’ll be posting the whole comic here anyways so stay tune! 😉

PS – Credits for the cover photo goes to the respectful owner. Sorry I don’t know his/her name but if you find it in my blog and you know it’s yours! Credits goes to you mate! 🙂
All materials used belongs to Bethesda Studios as well. 🙂

EP 1 - War Maidens Cover



The Night Before

My mentors always tell me, “If you do things alone, you’re in a heap of trouble.” I’d say, I couldn’t agree more! You know, there’s power in numbers and there is no better way to reach your goals and dreams than through the people who made you who you are today and through those whom you will meet in the future…


“Jed!” my team leader cried out, “You were almost late, what happened?”

I was panting that time. I mean, who wouldn’t? Running from ground floor up to the 11th floor isn’t very pretty but I had to, else I’d get tardy.  The elevators in the building were so damn slow. Well, the building was ancient really. No wonder even the elevators were slow. But Hey! I made it!

After giving a moment to catch my breath, I managed to utter a few words while heavily breathing…

“Sorry Miss… I guess I slept in this morning…”




[The Night Before]

“It’s nice doing business with you Mister Aposcel.”

As we both stood and shook hands symbolizing the closing of the deal, I managed to utter,

“A pleasure doing business with you sir!”

I was keeping the documents on the table, arranging them inside my hand bag (No! Not the sissy sort of hand bag, it’s more like a business case) when my phone begun to ring.  Took it out of my pocket and saw it blinking.

~Clybes Calling~  ~Clybes Calling~  ~Clybes Calling~

I took the call…

A radio filtered voice then played through the phone speakers…

“Dude! Where the hell are you? The party’s starting!”

We had a client at that time who hired us to organize her birthday party. She wanted it to be luxurious and wealthy at a certain extent that we just had to find the best venue that caters all these demands. I’d give kudos to my business partner, Clybes for a job well done on keeping things in place that time.

“Alright man… I’ll catch up…”

I hung up and blitz my way out of the coffee shop.

[At the Party]


The music was loud, the beats were awesome and I most certainly could say that we both did a great job. We got one of the best DJ in town to keep the mood right. As I got in the venue, I saw Clybes talking to the manager of the place, signing up bills and all.

“Hey man! What did I miss?” I asked.

“Dude! The celebrant is late and the guests have been waiting for more than 30 minutes now.”

I pondered for a moment there and followed up with another question…

“What’s keeping her?”

“The van hasn’t arrived to pick her up yet…”

I noticed Clybes getting really cranky… The best thing I could do that moment was to keep calm. A little panic from my part would mean we’d both blow the party up when it hasn’t even started.

“I know what to do bro… We could send one of the celebrant’s relative to go and fetch her.”

Clybes gave out a deep sigh… “How I wish that were possible man but the thing is, she wants her entrance to look grand. She wants that van.”

I felt hopeless at that time. What else could we do but hope for the better. I roamed around instead and talked to the guests to keep them entertained.


A few moments later, Clybes made an announcement.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the Birthday Celebrant will be slightly delayed. We apologize for the delay. However, the food is now prepared and everyone is welcome to dig in.”

Everybody then stood and started to get food for themselves. It was an eat-all-you-can buffet so the variety of food was diverse. After all, it was a luxurious party.

People were busy talking and eating that time. Laughter could be mildly heard around a midst the loud party music playing in the background.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! The Birthday Celebrant has arrived!”


Everybody started to sing happy birthday… People were cheering, wine bottles were popped. Roses and flowers were handed to the birthday celebrant as she entered the venue.

To make the long story short, everything went well. The program went according to planned.

I was on my seat when Clybes approached me and gave me a tap on the shoulder…

“Dude, the DJ’s gone into a fight with the celebrant’s brother.” He said.

Damn… never a dull moment…

I accompanied Clybes to the pulpit to help him assess the situation. There I found the DJ’s apprentice manning the equipment. The DJ went out to give himself a breather before tensions between the celebrant’s brother grew. We didn’t want the party to go awry of course!

The celebrant was right across him requesting the playlist on her phone to be played. I sensed the DJ’s apprentice was getting agitated by the celebrant’s demands. We had to act quick or things would go so wrong in many ways.

Clybes approached the DJ’s apprentice in hopes to negotiate with the demands of the celebrant while I went on to talk to the celebrant.

My approach was pretty simple really. All I did was asked her what she wanted. It turned out that she wanted the guests to enjoy the music played. Her point was that the music in her playlist was what could stir the party up.

Unfortunately, the DJ didn’t have the right playlist prepared for the event. Uh oh!

I sensed Clybe’s frustration stirring up.

“Dude, I’ve got a solution…” I said with a smile. I had to keep things cool or things will blow remember?

“Let’s hear it man!” He replied in submission…

It’s as if the Holy Spirit dawned upon me to say the right thing that instance. It felt divine. That’s how I remembered that moment. Credit’s to my Maker for it!

“This place’s got some wifi…” I said, “Now all we need is a laptop to download the celebrant’s playlist and a USB to store it in. We could plug the USB into the turn tables to play the tracks.”


Clybes face brightened up, “Dward! You’re the man (Or was it “You’re a Genius?” not sure, tehe)! Go work on that right away while I keep the guests busy.”

First thing I did was search for a laptop. I talked to the DJ’s apprentice if I could borrow the laptop they’re using. I was turned down. It was a mac and he probably thought I didn’t know how to use one.

Determined, I approached a close friend of the celebrant to borrow his laptop. He was nice enough to lend it to me. There I downloaded the playlist and stored it in the USB drive.

I then plugged the USB drive into the turn table equipment on the pulpit. There was silence…

As soon as I configured the equipment to play the playlist according to the celebrant’s request, the music started playing. Like magic, the dance floor started to come alive. The guests started to stand up and dance to the tunes. Everybody was having fun that night. A haze of celebration painted the night when I saw the celebrant having fun herself along with her friends.

I couldn’t help but give the tune a little remix myself, and I did! Felt really great to make people happy that night. I gave the apprentice a few instructions on the configurations then got out of the pulpit to sit on one of the stools at the bar. I got hungry okay?


Clybes sat beside me, called in a few drinks and handed me one (soft drink, I don’t drink beer or hard drinks, wine will do though).

I twisted around, leaned back against the edge of the bar table and watched people having fun.

“That’s you right there man!” Clybes said, “Great job you did right there… Client’s happy, the guests are happy…”

I took a sip from my drink. Took a moment to get it down my throat.


“Nah… it’s what we do best bro… business is business…”

A couple of ladies came up to us and invited us to join them on the dance floor. I refused. Now I’m not much of dancer okay?

But Clybes talked me into it so yeah, why not? After all, it was worth celebrating after a job well done…

Not to mention I got paid as the proxy DJ for that night… COOL!


“Wow! you’ve got a lot on your hands bro!” my office-mate said. “Talk about hard working.”

“I know right?” I gave it a quick laugh, “But I prefer to call it teamwork. Couldn’t have done it without a partner…”

“And that’s what we do best in this team too Jed!” Kathy inserted, “That’s why we are awesome!”

Discussing business plans

Everybody burst out in laughter…


Night Lights

Have you tried looking down at the city during night? How does the city lights make you feel? Emotional? Sentimental? Serene? That belittling feeling you get from the scenic view. The realization of the simple beauties we’re so fortunate to experience. Alas! a humbling experience followed by an overwhelming sense of satisfaction; peace.



Now that I’ve got your attention through all those sentimental crap I just said earlier, lemme give you guys a piece of advice; NEVER SPIT INTO THE WIND! Trust me! I’ve tried it and it definitely sucks! I got to swallow my own spit doing it! *gulp* (hears people say eeeeewwwwww) whatever!

Anyways… so… hmm… anyhow… uhmm… mmmmm… damn! Where was I?! What was I gonna write about again? *scratches head*


Here comes those times again when you know you wanna write about something but totally forgot the topic. Do you guys wish we could use usbs to store our memories? Upload and download files into our heads? I’d want that! It’d be awesome! No forgetting… Instant Genius! Like Elysium! Awesome movie guys! You gotta watch it! 🙂

I mean think of the possibilities! Look… Imagine person A is soooo freakin retarded and dumb. But after uploading the whole internet into his head, he becomes the sexiest beast alive. And when I say beast I mean literally… a MONKEY!

 funny monkey smoking

Hahahahahahaha*cough cough*hahahahaha*cough*hahahaha*cough cough cough*

*poker face*


What?! Still expecting to read something intellectual from this huh? oh yeah? you want something smart? huh?

Here… I’ll say something smart!

here it goes… *clears throat*


Happy now? Okay… I guess that was a little random…

What I really wanted to talk about is nothing. You get it? Nothingness? I mean look at the people around you. Everybody’s busy with something. Working to earn a living. Studying to get good grades.

Those times you see couples in parks, so sweet so romantic. The moment you see someone win a sports competition. Everybody has their hands full.


Even we get ourselves busy with something. We’re always doing something and we’re never spared from this “busy” trend. However have you ever stopped to consider having nothing? You completely thought of nothing? No worries? No trouble?

A midst our busy society, it’s always best to take the time out and simply give ourselves a good break. It’s a good reward for those who toil. Doesn’t have to be expensive. Just take yourself into a nice quiet solemn place and enjoy the silence (I enjoy my quiet time in the toilet).

Some call it praying, others call it reflecting, others call it meditation. Well whatever it is called, we all need one!

Imagine how great you’d feel after a good rest? Imagine yourself at peace? aaaaahhhh… 🙂


There was a time in my own life when I experienced a place full of magic (World of Warcraft, Nah just kidding…). I had this favorite place where I usually hangout in especially when I’m alone. It’s a place overlooking the city.

It’s my sweet escape. My paradise. I loved going there at night. Especially when the lights are bright and the mood is right. I remember lying down on the smooth soft grass that night staring at the beautiful dark sky. I saw lights! Lights everywhere! Lights from the heavens! Lights from the city! Beautiful lights!


It felt good. Peaceful. Serene. That moment of silence you get to be alone. That time of solitary confinement when you cut yourself out of the world. Priceless! Imagine being in such a lovely place. It was euphoric beyond compare!

It’s during times like this that I couldn’t help but thank God for giving me a way out of all these troubles I got myself into. Not that I’m running away from them or anything. It’s just that I’m blessed with that perfect time of peace.

I heard running water… It was flowing somewhere… I have no idea… but the more I listened the more I drowned into oblivion. I lost myself in the surreal reality of this magical place.


As I opened my eyes, I saw the ceiling. I was back in my room. I got up and prepared myself for work…



Credits go to the rightful owners of the images used in this write-up. All images used are intended to portray the scenes described in the write-up and are for entertainment purposes only.

PS: I made my own mix for Ellie Goulding’s Lights… Hope you guys love it! 😀

18 Below

Everybody has that painful experience that occurs in our lives. Some make us, some break us. Yet no matter what, one of life’s greatest beauties are the people around us that ensures that we never have to walk through life alone. Funny… the irony… how your biggest misery could be your biggest joy…



Edward was feeling down and broken after a failed investment burned some of the hard earned cash he’s made. It wasn’t easy to lose such huge amount. Believe me!

After being able to en-cash his income from a half million deal, he divided his earnings to invest them into different investments he could make at the moment. He was making money work for him. And it did!


However, investments always has risks and at one point, Edward was not spared. One of the investments he’s invested on failed and it burned a whole bunch of cash.

Down-right and depressed… He came to visit his good friend and business partner Clybes.

“Dude! Dude! I just burned my cash! My investment failed and I lost a huge amount of cash!!!” Edward said in panic…

“What the hell man? You sound like you’re excited about it rather than being sad about it.” Clybes being the jolly guy that he is said.

Edward gave out a sarcastic laugh, “It’s funny coz I look as if it were nothing…”


“Reminds me of the time you got dumped man… You looked like trash one day, then suddenly there you are crazy as fuck, going YOLO and shit!” Clybes gestured in disapproval, “Anyway, why don’t we go to a night club and drink to it, yeah?”

Edward having nothing left to say simply agreed.


*at the night club*

“Hey dude! Check out the sign!” Edward pointed out at a warning sign posted on the wall.


“Hmm… It says No Under 18…

“Now what?” Clybes asked, “We’re already here!”

“This is a big problem indeed!”

The both thought about it for a while outside the night club. From intergalactic Trojan horse battleships to Caribbean Pirates and gold. Their thoughts pondered off so far away from reality until….


“Hey!” Edward excitedly exclaimed, “I’ve got an IDEA!”

“What bro? What is it?”

“Why don’t we just go home?”


“We’re only two people. We should come back when we’ve got 18 or more people with us! Damn I’m a genius!” Edward bragged.

“Alright, sounds logical,” Clybes agreed in content…

And the both went on home…



Credits go to the rightful owners of the images used in this write-up. Images are used to illustrate scenes described in the write-up and for entertainment purposes only.

Leap of Faith

Have you ever made a decision in your life so critical? A decision that could mean the difference between failure and success? When your decision may potentially benefit you yet affect others in the process? When the result seems or feels unknown? I have… and let me tell you my story…



“Marie… Marie dear…” Mrs Pots cried out from a distance.

It was a humid afternoon that day when Mrs Pots called out the most beautiful lady in town, well for me of course, to meet me. I’ve known her a few years ago. Long brown hair, slumber-some eyes, kissable lips, what’s not to like? We were young back then and it’s been a while since I’ve seen her. My heart was pounding, sweat was dripping and I think I was gonna get my trousers wet in sweet anticipation. Thank God I didn’t.

A few moments later she came out the door. That heavenly creature coming down the isle of the front yard. Time slowed.

I started to remember the years that has gone by. How it all started. The time when tenacity was painted across my face. The time when I was young and free. I was a bachelor without any direction but to live life as it is. Everyday was an adventure and the world was my playground, my struggle rather. The time when a demon called, “Poverty” possessed me.


Everyday was hell. What? You thought being so carefree was heaven? You thought wandering off with no concerns was paradise? It is at some point. Until you realize you have needs. You have to eat, 3 times a day. Back then, I had to eat garbage. *sigh*

There was a time when I remembered feeling so hungry. So hungry indeed that I would eat almost anything. I remembered swimming in a pile of garbage searching for some food. I remembered begging people for food or money, only to receive their disdain. Such a resentful life I lived.


A day came when I decided to do something about it. I was desperate! I needed something to fill my hunger quick! I saw a merchant passing by with goods on his wagon. I hopped in and took all the food my hands could grab. I filled my mouth with whatever I could bite. It was heaven! Food heaven rather!


I’ve been spotted. He knew I was inside the wagon and yelled out so loud that most of the townsfolk realized I was the culprit.

I ran. Ran for dear life. Fear yet satisfaction filled my thoughts. But I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t coz if I did, the townsfolk would beat me up.

I met a club to my face. Knocked me out unconscious. Next thing I know, I was on the ground receiving kicks and punches on all parts of my body. It hurts, but my disorientation took the best of me that I seem to no longer know pain. The feeling of certainty that death would take my breath away that day.

But what’s this? The brawl seemed to have stopped. I felt a warm embrace that covered me like a blanket. I tried to open my eyes yet I could only afford to open one. I saw a girl. As young as I was. Her face was close to mine as she held me tight. A day I would never forget.


The authorities came and took me into prison. Prison bars held no sympathy for little boys like I was back then. But something changed. I felt hope. I look forward to the day I am gonna meet her again. That day when I get out of these chains.

I remembered those years I served in prison as a decade passed. I remember the time I was set free. How much has changed? I had no idea. Yet one thing was certain, I held on to that little hope I had. To that warm embrace. I had direction. I had a purpose.

Years gone by and I remembered being the wealthiest man in town. My wishes of seeing her again drove me to my limits. Something to live for everyday. Looking forward to the day that I see her again. People who used to spit at me now respect me. No longer was I chained under possession of a demon but guided by the blessings of an angel called “Wealth.”


Luxury was in everything I do. From grand balls to elegant gatherings. I lived as a king. Yet what good is it for a man to gain the whole world when he loses his soul. My soul. That angel back then…


In desperation I searched for her. I traveled vast and wide in search for her. Town after town, country after country only to search for my soul.

I seem to have lost all hope…

I remembered walking by the park in grief one fateful night. In constant battle against my thoughts. When I heard weeping by the park bench. A lady dressed in white was crying. I came to her side to weep with her. Sometimes… you don’t need to say anything to make someone feel better. It’s when you’re there with them feeling exactly the same way they feel that’ll make them feel right.


She gave me a tight warm hug that night. I reciprocated. I knew it will make her feel better. Her weeping got her weary where she eventually fell asleep by my lap. Watching her innocently sleep was heavenly. I felt at peace. I fell. I fell for her that night.

“Hello Dear”

I snapped out of my thoughts. There I saw Marie standing before me. Her beauty was beyond compare.


“Shall we go?” she exclaimed with excitement.

I lifted my arm in gesture for her to rest her arms on mine and we went off. After all that has happened. After all that I’ve gone through. Life has always been so beautiful. All you need is to take a little leap of faith…


*at the garden*

“I always knew your were that girl back then.”

Marie looked at me bewildered.

“You protected me from those people.”

She suddenly felt breathless…

I fell on one knee.

“I’ve searched for you all this time.”

I had her crying…

“Will you marry me?”

It rained that night…

~love, John


All credits given to the rightful owners of the images used in this write-up. Characters in this write-up are fictional. Images used in the write-up are to give a visual portrayal of the scenes.