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Just a Little Secret

We all have that little secret we keep. A chain of clandestine thoughts, memories, information we don’t easily divulge to anyone else. There are some exceptions though. Often-times we share them to exclusive people we know well to trust; perhaps close friends and even family. The point is every secret has to surface somewhere, somehow. Everybody needs an outlet. A medium to express it to or through. Want to know a little secret? Make sure you can keep one first!




It is now my second year after pursuing the entrepreneurial life I so desire to live by. Oh how time truly pass so fast. Tell you, those years were all blood, sweat and tears for me. I was completely under the illusion that taking the path of entrepreneurship would be a walk in the park. I have never been so wrong.

The struggles. The pain. The people I lost. People I thought I could count on now gone and I am left all alone again in my own lonely world. The rejection. The sacrifice. The bitter-sweet life I got disillusioned by my fantasies of the great life brought by walking down the entrepreneur’s path.

Ah… the act of self-pity… is simply fallacy…

I am personally amazed at how I no longer drown myself with my own self-pity thoughts. Amazed at my own personal growth.

If there’s one thing I have learned about being an entrepreneur is that we have no room for self-pity and down-trodden miserable self-doubt. It is either that you’re in or you’re out, take it or leave it, no pain no gain drivel.

Every action bears an equal amount of reaction. Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of physics. For every closed door there is a better opened opportunity out there. All you need to do is to simply grab it!

That means, amidst the struggles, rejections and pain… being an entrepreneur has its perks… and I mean A LOT!


We cheer up when we FAIL… coz we’re only taking our “First Attempt In Learning…


When everything seems to END… always remember “Effort Never Dies!”


When someone says NO… bear in mind that they’re only opening “New Opportunities” for us…


And when someone or something STOPs us… take a “Short Time Of Prayer” to “Stay Tough Over Problems” and to “Sit Think Observe & Plan” for a better “Solution, Tactic, Or Process”

That’s why we entreps are badass! Coz we were born to lead! except that… “Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men–the other 999 follow women.” Groucho Marx


PS – I’ve got more coming your way so stay tune! Chow!