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The Night Before

My mentors always tell me, “If you do things alone, you’re in a heap of trouble.” I’d say, I couldn’t agree more! You know, there’s power in numbers and there is no better way to reach your goals and dreams than through the people who made you who you are today and through those whom you will meet in the future…


“Jed!” my team leader cried out, “You were almost late, what happened?”

I was panting that time. I mean, who wouldn’t? Running from ground floor up to the 11th floor isn’t very pretty but I had to, else I’d get tardy.  The elevators in the building were so damn slow. Well, the building was ancient really. No wonder even the elevators were slow. But Hey! I made it!

After giving a moment to catch my breath, I managed to utter a few words while heavily breathing…

“Sorry Miss… I guess I slept in this morning…”




[The Night Before]

“It’s nice doing business with you Mister Aposcel.”

As we both stood and shook hands symbolizing the closing of the deal, I managed to utter,

“A pleasure doing business with you sir!”

I was keeping the documents on the table, arranging them inside my hand bag (No! Not the sissy sort of hand bag, it’s more like a business case) when my phone begun to ring.  Took it out of my pocket and saw it blinking.

~Clybes Calling~  ~Clybes Calling~  ~Clybes Calling~

I took the call…

A radio filtered voice then played through the phone speakers…

“Dude! Where the hell are you? The party’s starting!”

We had a client at that time who hired us to organize her birthday party. She wanted it to be luxurious and wealthy at a certain extent that we just had to find the best venue that caters all these demands. I’d give kudos to my business partner, Clybes for a job well done on keeping things in place that time.

“Alright man… I’ll catch up…”

I hung up and blitz my way out of the coffee shop.

[At the Party]


The music was loud, the beats were awesome and I most certainly could say that we both did a great job. We got one of the best DJ in town to keep the mood right. As I got in the venue, I saw Clybes talking to the manager of the place, signing up bills and all.

“Hey man! What did I miss?” I asked.

“Dude! The celebrant is late and the guests have been waiting for more than 30 minutes now.”

I pondered for a moment there and followed up with another question…

“What’s keeping her?”

“The van hasn’t arrived to pick her up yet…”

I noticed Clybes getting really cranky… The best thing I could do that moment was to keep calm. A little panic from my part would mean we’d both blow the party up when it hasn’t even started.

“I know what to do bro… We could send one of the celebrant’s relative to go and fetch her.”

Clybes gave out a deep sigh… “How I wish that were possible man but the thing is, she wants her entrance to look grand. She wants that van.”

I felt hopeless at that time. What else could we do but hope for the better. I roamed around instead and talked to the guests to keep them entertained.


A few moments later, Clybes made an announcement.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the Birthday Celebrant will be slightly delayed. We apologize for the delay. However, the food is now prepared and everyone is welcome to dig in.”

Everybody then stood and started to get food for themselves. It was an eat-all-you-can buffet so the variety of food was diverse. After all, it was a luxurious party.

People were busy talking and eating that time. Laughter could be mildly heard around a midst the loud party music playing in the background.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! The Birthday Celebrant has arrived!”


Everybody started to sing happy birthday… People were cheering, wine bottles were popped. Roses and flowers were handed to the birthday celebrant as she entered the venue.

To make the long story short, everything went well. The program went according to planned.

I was on my seat when Clybes approached me and gave me a tap on the shoulder…

“Dude, the DJ’s gone into a fight with the celebrant’s brother.” He said.

Damn… never a dull moment…

I accompanied Clybes to the pulpit to help him assess the situation. There I found the DJ’s apprentice manning the equipment. The DJ went out to give himself a breather before tensions between the celebrant’s brother grew. We didn’t want the party to go awry of course!

The celebrant was right across him requesting the playlist on her phone to be played. I sensed the DJ’s apprentice was getting agitated by the celebrant’s demands. We had to act quick or things would go so wrong in many ways.

Clybes approached the DJ’s apprentice in hopes to negotiate with the demands of the celebrant while I went on to talk to the celebrant.

My approach was pretty simple really. All I did was asked her what she wanted. It turned out that she wanted the guests to enjoy the music played. Her point was that the music in her playlist was what could stir the party up.

Unfortunately, the DJ didn’t have the right playlist prepared for the event. Uh oh!

I sensed Clybe’s frustration stirring up.

“Dude, I’ve got a solution…” I said with a smile. I had to keep things cool or things will blow remember?

“Let’s hear it man!” He replied in submission…

It’s as if the Holy Spirit dawned upon me to say the right thing that instance. It felt divine. That’s how I remembered that moment. Credit’s to my Maker for it!

“This place’s got some wifi…” I said, “Now all we need is a laptop to download the celebrant’s playlist and a USB to store it in. We could plug the USB into the turn tables to play the tracks.”


Clybes face brightened up, “Dward! You’re the man (Or was it “You’re a Genius?” not sure, tehe)! Go work on that right away while I keep the guests busy.”

First thing I did was search for a laptop. I talked to the DJ’s apprentice if I could borrow the laptop they’re using. I was turned down. It was a mac and he probably thought I didn’t know how to use one.

Determined, I approached a close friend of the celebrant to borrow his laptop. He was nice enough to lend it to me. There I downloaded the playlist and stored it in the USB drive.

I then plugged the USB drive into the turn table equipment on the pulpit. There was silence…

As soon as I configured the equipment to play the playlist according to the celebrant’s request, the music started playing. Like magic, the dance floor started to come alive. The guests started to stand up and dance to the tunes. Everybody was having fun that night. A haze of celebration painted the night when I saw the celebrant having fun herself along with her friends.

I couldn’t help but give the tune a little remix myself, and I did! Felt really great to make people happy that night. I gave the apprentice a few instructions on the configurations then got out of the pulpit to sit on one of the stools at the bar. I got hungry okay?


Clybes sat beside me, called in a few drinks and handed me one (soft drink, I don’t drink beer or hard drinks, wine will do though).

I twisted around, leaned back against the edge of the bar table and watched people having fun.

“That’s you right there man!” Clybes said, “Great job you did right there… Client’s happy, the guests are happy…”

I took a sip from my drink. Took a moment to get it down my throat.


“Nah… it’s what we do best bro… business is business…”

A couple of ladies came up to us and invited us to join them on the dance floor. I refused. Now I’m not much of dancer okay?

But Clybes talked me into it so yeah, why not? After all, it was worth celebrating after a job well done…

Not to mention I got paid as the proxy DJ for that night… COOL!


“Wow! you’ve got a lot on your hands bro!” my office-mate said. “Talk about hard working.”

“I know right?” I gave it a quick laugh, “But I prefer to call it teamwork. Couldn’t have done it without a partner…”

“And that’s what we do best in this team too Jed!” Kathy inserted, “That’s why we are awesome!”

Discussing business plans

Everybody burst out in laughter…