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Night Lights

Have you tried looking down at the city during night? How does the city lights make you feel? Emotional? Sentimental? Serene? That belittling feeling you get from the scenic view. The realization of the simple beauties we’re so fortunate to experience. Alas! a humbling experience followed by an overwhelming sense of satisfaction; peace.



Now that I’ve got your attention through all those sentimental crap I just said earlier, lemme give you guys a piece of advice; NEVER SPIT INTO THE WIND! Trust me! I’ve tried it and it definitely sucks! I got to swallow my own spit doing it! *gulp* (hears people say eeeeewwwwww) whatever!

Anyways… so… hmm… anyhow… uhmm… mmmmm… damn! Where was I?! What was I gonna write about again? *scratches head*


Here comes those times again when you know you wanna write about something but totally forgot the topic. Do you guys wish we could use usbs to store our memories? Upload and download files into our heads? I’d want that! It’d be awesome! No forgetting… Instant Genius! Like Elysium! Awesome movie guys! You gotta watch it! 🙂

I mean think of the possibilities! Look… Imagine person A is soooo freakin retarded and dumb. But after uploading the whole internet into his head, he becomes the sexiest beast alive. And when I say beast I mean literally… a MONKEY!

 funny monkey smoking

Hahahahahahaha*cough cough*hahahahaha*cough*hahahaha*cough cough cough*

*poker face*


What?! Still expecting to read something intellectual from this huh? oh yeah? you want something smart? huh?

Here… I’ll say something smart!

here it goes… *clears throat*


Happy now? Okay… I guess that was a little random…

What I really wanted to talk about is nothing. You get it? Nothingness? I mean look at the people around you. Everybody’s busy with something. Working to earn a living. Studying to get good grades.

Those times you see couples in parks, so sweet so romantic. The moment you see someone win a sports competition. Everybody has their hands full.


Even we get ourselves busy with something. We’re always doing something and we’re never spared from this “busy” trend. However have you ever stopped to consider having nothing? You completely thought of nothing? No worries? No trouble?

A midst our busy society, it’s always best to take the time out and simply give ourselves a good break. It’s a good reward for those who toil. Doesn’t have to be expensive. Just take yourself into a nice quiet solemn place and enjoy the silence (I enjoy my quiet time in the toilet).

Some call it praying, others call it reflecting, others call it meditation. Well whatever it is called, we all need one!

Imagine how great you’d feel after a good rest? Imagine yourself at peace? aaaaahhhh… 🙂


There was a time in my own life when I experienced a place full of magic (World of Warcraft, Nah just kidding…). I had this favorite place where I usually hangout in especially when I’m alone. It’s a place overlooking the city.

It’s my sweet escape. My paradise. I loved going there at night. Especially when the lights are bright and the mood is right. I remember lying down on the smooth soft grass that night staring at the beautiful dark sky. I saw lights! Lights everywhere! Lights from the heavens! Lights from the city! Beautiful lights!


It felt good. Peaceful. Serene. That moment of silence you get to be alone. That time of solitary confinement when you cut yourself out of the world. Priceless! Imagine being in such a lovely place. It was euphoric beyond compare!

It’s during times like this that I couldn’t help but thank God for giving me a way out of all these troubles I got myself into. Not that I’m running away from them or anything. It’s just that I’m blessed with that perfect time of peace.

I heard running water… It was flowing somewhere… I have no idea… but the more I listened the more I drowned into oblivion. I lost myself in the surreal reality of this magical place.


As I opened my eyes, I saw the ceiling. I was back in my room. I got up and prepared myself for work…



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PS: I made my own mix for Ellie Goulding’s Lights… Hope you guys love it! 😀