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Better Than 50 Shades of Grey

There she was, at the corner of my eyes as I entered that dark room. The seductress. What is it? Love? Lust? Desire? The burning passion that rushed through my veins. My heart was beating; fast. Craving for her seduction, her beauty, her touch.

The epitome of sin.


“Sarah G Gibson”

She was right there in front of me, sitting under a beam of light. Her sleek, smooth curves, wrapped with tight leather. Etching every sweet spot of her body. Hmm… aroused me. The devil’s beauty as some call it. Would you even care? When a beautiful thing like that is right in front of you?


She was calling for me. She wanted me…

I approached her. Caressed her from her neck down to her lower parts. She made no reaction. Lifeless. Never deterred me from trying harder.

I sat behind, slowly started unzipping her. Exposing the neck, I couldn’t help but start kissing her there. She started to feel that sensation, I can tell through those vibrations. Turned around to face me. Each time we touched felt euphoric.


Submissive. My kind of girl. I carried on unzipping her, leaving her close to naked.  I tapped into her G-string, slowly sliding my finger down to the right spot. It aroused her. The more I did the more she makes that sort of sound that makes you crave for more.

I turned her on. She reciprocated. She strapped her arms around me. I played with her then. Toyed with her. My fingers were dancing across her G-spot. Then I played the lick on her. She craves for it most when I do a licking. She couldn’t help but make those aroused sounds that she usually does. She was enjoying it, I could tell. So did I.

It was time I shifted our ritual into overdrive. I made her bend over. Then I plugged it in her. The sensation was getting warmer. Love? Hell yeah! I twisted those little nobs of hers to get the right feel, arousing her more. She loved it!


I rocked her through and fro, keeping a certain rhythm. I loved doing it standing behind her. It helps me keep the rhythm going. The excitement, the burning sensation. I pushed my stick deeper. She made this wailing sound of sweet satisfaction. I knew I hit the right spot.


She wanted more! I had to give in. Stroking her the right way kept her excited. Alive. The beauty that she is. Her moaning was music to my ears. I shifted positions with her. We did it all over the room. Sitting. Standing. On the bed. It was heaven. A ka-metal-sutra.

I was sweating so much but I couldn’t stop. The euphoric feeling you get out of it was addictive. The connection we had was deep. We carried on until everything intensified. I gave it my all. My emotions. My desires. It went on and on and on until…

I gave in…

It was over…


I was panting, sweaty… exhausted… I lay on the bed with sweat dripping all over me. She lay right beside me. I closed my eyes and everything went dark.



I woke the following day, saw her right beside me. I looked at the label across her head quoting “Gibson SG.” 

I picked her up, unplugged the cables, turned the amp off, detuned her and placed her back into her case.

music gibson instruments guitars gibson sg 1280x1024 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_39



Cuteness Isn’t Evil


So! What do you guys think of my latest artwork? Pretty badass huh? Well… I started making this sketch in class one day. It is one of the best i could come up with based on the cleanliness of the artwork. The problem with me is, i usually have my artworks edited in photoshop yet it still ends up being so dirty. Truth is, I get really lazy when cleaning my sketches, and that is why. (facepalm)

Anyways, CUTENESS ISN’T EVIL!!! Where did I get the idea? It all started when i came around with a couple of friends who were talking about cute girls. Let’s face it guys, boys will always be boys and one major topic guys love to talk about are girls. It so happened that we were all talking about our experiences on hitting on women (now ladies, calm yourselves, I’m no pervert). Majority of the stories I’ve heard from my buddies are either getting beaten and bruised or getting laid after hitting on chicks.

Later then on, our little story telling focused on getting bruised and beaten by cute girls. Most of my buddies kept emphasizing that cute women are not only physically brutal but mentally and emotionally brutal too. This is where I started to share my story with them. This is the part where i could say… “I agree with you guys.”

Now, the internet’s pretty versatile and it pretty much opens a bunch of diverse activities for a lot of people today. With me, I humbly admit I did try hitting on girls through the net (What the hell?! O_o). I did this through chatting and friendster back then. Until One November night, I happen to hit on a really really cute girl. I mean, I totally like her and all, but with a lot of ladies I was chatting with, it was so damn hard to choose. The thing is, among most of the girls I’ve chatted with, this particular cute little lady was fun to talk with. The following month passed and our chatting became more frequent. I remember spending all night and day waiting for her to go online on Yahoo Messenger. On February of the following year, I confessed to her that I liked her and everything else followed. It went well at first, but a couple of time went by and she started making my life a living hell. I totally couldn’t believe that the cute little girl I used to be chatting with, so sweet and fun to be with now ended up giving me heart burns. I was even her temporary guy back then until her ex-boyfriend asks her back (Could you believe that?! O_o).  She used to come home late too whenever she hangs out with friends, and knowing that she comes from an unfriendly neighborhood, even I guy like me would be so concerned for her safety. The bitter part of it was when she was even pushing me away. OUCH!

Guess what? I couldn’t. I was so insanely in to her that I couldn’t just stay away (yeah I know, Call me Mr stupid -.-). It went on for quite some time and seriously, I’m getting the beating of my life. This beating is a lot tougher than the beating I get on military training, rugby, and even street brawls I often get myself into. Man! Time came when I decided that I’ve had enough. It was something I consider tough to say but that’s that.

I was about to call when suddenly my phone rang. It was her! O_O

My heart was pounding. The sort of pounding that renders you breathless. Blood went rushing through my veins and my thoughts went awry. Did she call to break up with me? Or does she want me to do something for her? Am I gonna take another beating? I’d never know… All I knew was that my phone was ringing and if I don’t answer it she’ll kill me.

I picked my phone up and answered her call. I must be stupid for doing this, oh well… Her voice was on the other line. A simple “hello” followed by a long stream of deafening silence filled the line. I was freaking out and sweating! Took a little gulp and replied “Hello.”

Say it! End it! Break the noose around your neck! Break free! Be happy! Tell her first before she beats you up again! These sort of thoughts came hammering on my brain when suddenly, the silence broke.

“I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH! And I’m sorry….”

I remember her saying those words as if this just happened yesterday. My eyes started feeling heavy. My head ached due to my heart beating so fast. Is this the calm before the storm? Is this another joke of hers?

Hello… [sheepishly giggling]” What the hell am I saying? Is that all I could say? What a total dumbass!

Hi… I love you sooo much luvie… I’m sorry and thank you!

Shit! This is for real?! I wondered. But she does sound more like anything but sly and scheming then. I could really tell she was being sincere. I mustered  my strength to regain composure to say something back…

“I love you?” 

“Yes, forever and ever!”, she said sincerely.

My heart then melted. What else could I do but drop down feeling so overwhelmed with what I just heard. Tears where running down my cheeks resembling both my grief and joy arguing inside me.

She started to break the silence again…

With every word she was uttering, I couldn’t hear anything else but sincerity and pure honesty in it. She’s back! The loving, sweet and cute lady I knew back then. She went on explaining to me everything that had happened. As soon as my time came to speak, I told her everything I felt all throughout the times we were together, including my plan of ending it with her. I thought she would be narrow-mindedly be offended with what I said, but she was a good sport. All she did was express her regrets of what she did wrong and sweetly apologized again (this is why i really find her cute).

It was even the first time I heard her call me “Love” or “Honey”or “Dear” or “Sweety.” Every time though I hear her call me with endearment, butterflies start fluttering in my stomach. My day becomes lit with encouragement and eagerness knowing that she’s there to keep loving me.

The cute, sweet girl I once knew, became the cutest devil I couldn’t resist, but turned out to be the most loving angel I could ever wish for.

I ended my story with the guys and I felt a little teary eyed soon after.

“The only reason why those chicks become really brutal on you guys is because you don’t treat them the way they deserve… and that’s to be treated like real women. Respect, sincerity, honesty… Call me oldschool but I guarantee that once you treat them right, you”ll soon find yourselves saying, Cuteness Isn’t Evil at all…”

My best friend stood up and said “Women are like a rose, you treat them right, they’ll bloom, you treat them wrong, they’ll be a thorn in your ass.”

Silence filled the room. The boys were so engulfed by thought that I somehow knew what I just said had an impact on them. Just when I thought everything was enlightening my buddies though…


They then dragged me and my best bud to the pool and threw us in. Those rotten bastards! -.-

But then again… I knew the guys where always like that. Fun and rotten to then core when it comes to us being together but are really good and true friends… And most probably they’ll remember… “Cuteness Isn’t Evil.”